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H-1B Specialty Occupation Visas

H-1B visas are available to temporary workers in specialty occupations and distinguished fashion models. Some examples of specialty occupation are accountant, computer programmer, software engineer, data-base administrator, attorney, medical worker, etc. In certain situations, H-1B visa can be used for entrepreneurs and business owners.

There is a cap of how many H-1B visas are available every year – 85,000. 20,000 of the total is allotted for the individuals with U.S. Master’s degrees or higher.

There are 3 exemptions for the H-1B cap: J-1 physicians with a waiver; Employment offer from higher education institutions, government research organization, and nonprofit research organizations; and Extensions of H-1B visas. Each option has different criteria and requirements, and it is important to determine which option is appropriate for you by consulting with our DC H-1B visa attorney.

H-1B Visa General Qualifications:

  1. You must have a job offer from a US employer;
  2. You are coming to the US to perform services in the specialty occupation;
  3. You have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in work experience;
  4. Your education and experience need to match the job requirements;
  5. You have been offered prevailing wages (wages that are paid to workers for similar jobs in the same geographical area);
  6. Your employer has to file a Labor Certification Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor.
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Some Considerations in Qualifying for an H-1B Visa:

  • If you do not have a Bachelor’s degree, you will need to show substantial training and work experience. For a successful application, you will need to show 3 years of specialized training/work experience for every year of college. Therefore, typically you will need to show 12 years of relevant professional experience
  • If your specialty occupation requires appropriate license in addition to education requirements, then you will need to show proof of license
  • H-1B visas are not given to athletes and entertainers. Athletes and Entertainers should consider O visa, P visa, or EB-1A green card
  • If you are in an occupation that does not generally require a 4-year college degree (medical technician, real estate agent, etc.) you will not qualify for the H-1B visa. Instead you may consider H-2B visa. Please consult with our DC H-1B visa attorney to determine your H1B visa qualifications.

The Petition Selection Lottery for “Cap-Subject” H-1B Visas:

For the last few years, the USCIS has been receiving substantially more than 85,000 petitions in the first 5 business days. What happens when the 85,000 limit is reached? The USCIS conducts a computer-generated lottery of the petitions that are received in the first 5 days of the filing period. Therefore, to increase your chances of being selected, the H-1B visa application should be filed on the first day of the filing period (April 1 or the first business day in April). The petitions that do not get selected in the lottery process will be rejected. The USCIS should return the filing fee. If you are seeking assistance with the H-1B visa process or would like to learn more, schedule a consultation with our DC H-1B visa attorney to discuss your qualifications and options.

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DC H-1B visa attorney can assist you with the following work visa services:

DC H-1B Visa Attorney Assists with the Following Work Visa Services:

  • H Visas

  • E Visas

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Our H-1B visa attorney in Washington, DC is dedicated to assisting professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, and company owners with their employment visa needs. We will gladly assist H-1B visa clients from all 50 states and worldwide.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated DC H-1B visa attorney offers a wide variety of work visa services. We understand that application process can be stressful and complicated. Our job is to provide you with guidance and representation during this complicated process.

Every case has its own set of facts and circumstances. First, we can help you determine your H-1B visa eligibility. Second, we handle the entire case from start to finish: we help you collect all necessary documents, assist your employer with the labor certification process, prepare the H-1B visa application, and submit it to the proper agencies.  Contact our office to schedule your consultation with our DC H-1B visa attorney today to see how we can help you.

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