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We are committed to providing affordable immigration consultations with the highest standards of service. We serve clients from all 50 states and worldwide. We make it easy to consult with our immigration attorney by phone or video.

Our immigration attorney is here to help you! This means we will discuss what is relevant to your specific situation. Our goal is for you to get a very clear understanding of your immigration matter: evaluation of your qualifications, the appropriate strategy for your case, applicable immigration forms and procedure, government filing fees, timelines, and any potential issues.

We are also happy to assist you with specific questions that you may have, or if you are seeking an evaluation of an RFE, a denial decision, or any other ongoing matter questions.





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U.S. Employers seeking to sponsor foreign talent for work visas.

Convenience of an Immigration Consultation by Phone or Video

At the Law Offices of Victoria V. Kuzmina we strive to provide the most convenient and fast immigration service to our clients. By conducting our consultations by phone or video, we are able to accommodate almost everyone’s schedule, regardless of where you are located in the world. That way, we can accommodate our clients who live out of state, abroad, or across town without having to come into our office.

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Consultation With An Immigration Attorney

Get a dedicated and passionate immigration attorney to help you with your immigration matter. We will do everything within our legal power to help you achieve your goals. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our immigration lawyer, Victoria Kuzmina, Esq., today.

Who Would Benefit from an Immigration Attorney Consultation?

Absolutely anyone can benefit from a consultation with an immigration lawyer. Whether you are a professional planning to work in the US or a US employer who wants to assist someone in coming here, our immigration attorney will be glad to answer your questions. We are happy to discuss what work visas you might qualify for, their general requirements, types of documents you may need to collect, or what can be done to strengthen your case.

Whether you are seeking legal advice regarding your immigration matter or have questions about immigration laws in general, you are welcome to schedule an immigration attorney consultation with our attorney Victoria Kuzmina.