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richmond va immigration lawyer


richmond va immigration lawyer


richmond va immigration lawyer


richmond va immigration lawyer

Law Offices of Victoria V Kuzmina focus solely on immigration and nationality law, with over 90% success rate

Serving immigration clients throughout Richmond Va and the United States, before Federal Courts and Agencies.

Richmond VA Immigration Lawyer

We represent individuals, families, and businesses in immigration law matters, more specifically:

  • Green Card through Marriage
  • Green Card through Family Members
  • Green Card through Work
  • All temporary work visas
  • Fiancee visas, K-1, K-3
  • Deportation Defense
  • US Citizenship and Naturalization
  • VAWA
  • Waivers, including Good Faith Waiver
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Removal of Conditions on Permanent Residence

If you would like to work in the US, want to help a family member immigrate to the US, or need help with a US citizenship application, contact our Richmond VA immigration lawyer today. The Law Offices of Victoria V Kuzmina handle a wide variety of immigration cases such as family-based immigration, business-based immigration, all types of work visas, as well as citizenship.

Richmond VA Immigration Lawyer Victoria Kuzmina will thoroughly evaluate your immigration matter

Victoria Kuzmina has helped and represented many immigration clients with successful results. Mrs. Kuzmina – selected by Expertise as One of the Best Immigration Lawyers in DC and Honolulu in 2017,  has a reputation of professional integrity and dedication to successful resolution of immigration cases. Immigration Lawyer Kuzmina’s committment to providing each client with compassionate personalized service and aggressive representation has earned her trust and top reviews.

Client Testimonials

Victoria Kuzmina is a knowledgeable attorney. Victoria knows what she is doing so well that she can give her clients clear guidance during each step leading to getting a green card. She personally handles her clients’ cases from beginning until end. She always answers each question timely and patiently. Victoria represents her clients prudently, diligently, and professionally. She is transparent about the cost. I highly recommend Victoria Kuzmina, Esq. to everyone who find themselves in need of immigration services and law.

Maya 5-star client rating

Victoria is an excellent attorney with the passion and experience to assist on legal needs related to immigration. Her dedication is unparalleled and her work ethic is truly inspiring. A great and reliable choice for any level of work.

Adam 5-star client rating

Ms. Kuzmina consulted my fiancée and I during a complicated visa/immigration ordeal. She was kind and consoling, but direct, to the point and very thorough. She always followed through, and in a very timely fashion. We are both incredibly grateful for contacting Ms. Kuzmina and utilizing her proficiency and consultation. Highly recommended for those in need of an attorney.

Brian 5-star client rating

Richmond Va Immigration Lawyer Reviews and Awards

Best Immigration Lawyers in Washington DC
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Contact Richmond Va immigration lawyer Victoria Kuzmina for a free evaluation of your immigration case. You have no obligation to hire the Law Offices of Victoria V Kuzmina when you contact us for this evaluation. Once your decide to hire our immigration lawyer, the cases are handled on a flat fee basis with flexible payment plans available.

When you call us, immigration attorney Victoria Kuzmina will talk with you personally to:

  • discuss your immigration goals, such as family immigration, business immigration, citizenship, deportation defense, etc.,
  • review the immigration law requirements and how your case would be handled if you choose to become a client,
  • explain government filing fees and timelines associated with your case.

Throughout the entire process, attorney Kuzmina will keep you well informed regarding how your case is progressing and will answer your questions and concerns.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation assessment of your case
by our Richmond VA immigration lawyer.