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Victoria V. KuzminaReviewsout of 9 reviews
“Victoria Kuzmina is a knowledgeable immigration attorney. Victoria knows what she is doing so well that she can give her clients clear guidance during each step leading to getting a green card. She personally handles her clients’ cases from beginning until end. She always answers each question timely and patiently. Victoria represents her clients prudently, diligently, and professionally. She is transparent about the cost. I highly recommend Victoria Kuzmina, Esq. to everyone who find themselves in need of immigration services and law.”
Maya K.
“Ms. Kuzmina consulted my fiancée and I during a complicated visa/immigration ordeal. She was kind and consoling, but direct, to the point and very thorough. She always followed through, and in a very timely fashion. We are both incredibly grateful for contacting Ms. Kuzmina and utilizing her proficiency and consultation. Highly recommended for those in need of an attorney.”
Bryan, H.
“Ms. Kuzmina provided straightforward legal advice and took the time to understand the problem and provided realistic understandable action. She provided a couple of options but did not pressure me to make a commitment to retain her. And although I did not retain her at this time, I would highly recommend her services and would use her in the future. She is very knowledge of the law and has a good understanding of the legal issues and provided me the information needed to find a successful solution.”
Richard, W.

“Ms. Kuzmina is a very knowledgeable and professional attorney. She is very empathetic and works hard for her clients. She is very thorough and explains legal issues in a way that makes sense. I would recommend Ms. Kuzmina to anybody who had any immigration or personal injury issues.”

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