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Victoria Kuzmina, a Washington DC green card attorney, is dedicated to assisting families and professionals with their green card needs.

We will gladly accommodate family and employment-based immigration clients from all 50 states and worldwide. Our DC green card attorney provides legal representation on family and employment-based immigration issues and is dedicated to providing her clients the best possible service.

Our dedicated DC green card attorney offers a variety of US permanent residence related services. We understand that immigration process can be stressful and complicated. Our job is to provide you with guidance and representation during this complicated time. 


  • Marriage-based Green Cards

  • Green Cards for Family of US Citizens

  • Green Cards for Family of Permanent Residents

  • Employment-based Green Cards

  • Renew or Replace Your Green Card

  • Consular Process

  • Reentry Permit

  • Removal of Conditions

  • Self-petitioning for Removal of Conditions

  • Accompany to the USCIS Interview

  • Employment Authorization Document

  • Travel Permit/Advance Parole

  • Review of Your Application

  • Green Card Consultations

Do you want to apply for a green card?

There are approximately 9 categories of people who can apply for green cards. In some categories, a person is immediately eligible for a green card, while in others a person has to wait until one is available. Schedule a consultation with our DC green card attorney to help you determine which category might best apply to you.

Various terms are used to describe Permanent Resident status. A permanent resident is someone who has (a) a green card, (b) someone who has immigrated, (c) a lawful permanent resident, (d)  has adjusted status to a permanent resident, or (e) has received an immigrant visa. All of these terms mean the same thing.

A United States green card holder, or a permanent resident, has some important rights, including the right to:

  1. live and work permanently in the US,
  2. travel to and from the US,
  3. help certain family members immigrate to the US, and
  4. apply for a US citizenship.


Our DC green card attorney assists with the following green cards through employment:

  • Third Preference: EB-3

  • Professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree

  • Skilled Workers

  • Unskilled Workers

What are Employment Based Green Cards?

Each year, about 140,000 workers can enter the US through employment based visas. There are five employment-base categories. The first three (EB-1, EB-2, EB-3) focus on immigrant’s accomplishments, profession, or skills. The fourth category involves religious workers. The fifth category (EB-5) is for the investors.

In almost all employment-based categories, the employer must petition or “sponsor” the immigrant employee. Generally, a US employer must make an employment offer to a foreign worker and file a petition with the USCIS on behalf of the worker.

General Procedure for Obtaining Employment Based Green Cards:

The procedure for receiving a permanent US work visa has a few steps: the immigrant worker usually must be sponsored by a US employer who files an I-140 petition with the USCIS. The I-140 petition classifies the foreign worker as a person qualified to immigrate through their employment.

Furthermore, before the employer can file the petition with the USCIS, the employer must first obtain Labor Certification (PERM) from the Department of Labor certifying that no US workers are available to fill the position offered to the immigrant.

The PERM requirement does not apply to EB1 green card preference category. Also, this requirement does not apply to foreign workers who had the Labor Certificate waived through the National Interest Waiver (NIW) under the EB2 category.

Once the PERM certification has been issued (when required) and an I-140 petition has been approved, the final step is the application for a green card through adjustment of status (if the worker is in the US and is eligible) or consular process (if the worker is abroad). If you are not sure what process applies to you or how to proceed further, our DC green card attorney can help you to determine your options and answer your questions.

PERM Labor Certification and What Role Does It Play in Employment-based Immigration Cases?

The immigration law presumes that there are enough US workers that can fill a job/position and, thus, the foreign workers are unnecessary. Therefore, the majority of the intending employment-based immigrants have to prove that this presumption does not apply to them. This process is called PERM or “Labor Certification.”

EB1 and NIW Do Not Require PERM:

The EB1 extraordinary ability green card and the EB2 NIW green card – qualifying workers can petition for themselves because there is no requirement of a job offer or a Labor Certificate for these two categories. If you would like to learn whether you may qualify for the EB1 extraordinary ability green card or NIW green card, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with our DC green card attorney.

Adjustment of status v. Consular Processing for Employment-based Immigrants:

For employment-based immigrants who are located in the US, the adjustment of status process is usually an easy, final step to a green card. The immigrant must submit fingerprints, photos, USCIS forms, medical exam results, and a job offer letter. Successful applicants will receive a travel document and work authorization while their adjustment of status application is pending. 

Employment-based applicants who are abroad can apply for a green card through consular processing. They will obtain an immigrant visa at the consulate and upon entering the US, they will receive their social security card and a green card in mail within weeks.




Our DC green card attorney assists with the following green cards through family:

  • Spouse of US Citizen

  • Spouse of US Permanent Resident 

  • Parents of US Citizens

  • Children of US Citizens

  • Siblings of US Citizens

  • Children of US Permanent Residents

  • Same-sex Marriage Couples

  • Removal of Conditions on Residence

  • Good Faith Waiver

  • Adjustment of Status

Immediate Relatives:

An unlimited number of green cards is issued to persons who are immediate relatives of US citizens. There are about 5 categories of persons who could be considered “immediate relatives” of a US citizen. Immediate relatives are defined as:

  1. Spouse of a US citizen, as well as recent widows/widowers;
  2. Unmarried persons under the age of 21 who have at least one US citizen parent;
  3. Parents of US citizens. A US citizen child who is at least 21 years of age can petition of his or her parent;
  4. Stepchildren and stepparents, if the marriage took place before the child’s 18th birthday; and
  5. Parents and children related though adoption, if the adoption took place before the child’s 16th birthday.

Our DC green card attorney can assist you in a green card application if you are a US citizen and would like to petition for your immediate relative to obtain a green card through adjustment of status or consular process. Please call our office to schedule your consultation with our DC green card attorney or fill out the form below. 

Other Relatives:

Certain other family members of US citizens or permanent residents are also eligible for a green card. However, only a limited number of green cards a year are available to the applicants who fall into the following categories:

  1. Family First Preference: unmarried persons who are 21 or older, who have at least one US citizen parent;
  2. Family Second Preference 2A: Spouses of green card holders, as well as unmarried children under the age of 21;
  3. Family Second Preference 2B: Unmarried children who are over the age of 21, who have at least one Permanent Resident parent;
  4. Family Third Preference: Married persons, of any age, who have at least one US citizen parent;
  5. Family Fourth Preference: Sister and brothers of US citizens. The US citizen must be at least 21 years old.

If you would like to discuss your options in sponsoring your relative, please schedule a consultation with our DC green card attorney to learn about the rules, timelines, and government filing fees. 

dc green card attorney

Why Should You Consider Hiring Our DC Green Card Attorney?

Our green card attorney in Washington DC is dedicated to assisting professionals and families with their green card needs. We will gladly assist immigration clients from all 50 states and worldwide.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated DC green card attorney offers a wide variety of green card services. We understand that application process can be stressful and complicated. Our job is to provide you with guidance and representation during this time.

Whether you have questions about a specific green card process, how you may qualify for a green card, or seeking green-card related services, you should consider consulting with a DC green card attorney to help you navigate through this unfamiliar and complex process.

“We are a nation of immigrants. We are the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the ones who wanted a better life, the driven ones, the ones who woke up at night hearing that voice telling them that life in that place called America could be better.”

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The Law Offices of Victoria V Kuzmina provide US Immigration services to clients from all 50 states and worldwide. If you need help or have questions about an immigration matter, please contact us by phone or email to set up a consultation with our Washington DC green card attorney.

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